4 Ways Qatar Introduce Islam Through World Cup 2022

Qatar is mentioned to be the first Islamic country to host a world football party or the World Cup. Because of that, Qatar took advantage of this moment as an arena to promote islam to the world by maintaining the values adopted in the country.

There are number of ways that Qatar has implemented islamic values through this grand sporting event. Starting from the opening ceremony which involved reciting verses from the holy Qur’an to hearing the call to pray in stadium.

  • Opened with Holy Qur’an

The opening of World Cup 2022 at Al Bayt Stadium on Sunday (20/11/2022) was also enlivened by the chanting of snippets of the holy Qur’an, especially the letter of Al Hujurat verse 13. The chant was sung by a Youtuber from Qatar named Ghanim Al Muftah who accompanied by American actor, Morgan Freeman.

  • Mural Hadits

Doha New reported, Qatar also presented hadith murals installed at a number of strategic points in Doha. As if welcoming invited guests from other countries, Qatar promotes islam through the hadits of Rasulullah SAW which contain reminder a good deeds.

  • Islamic Introduction Barcode in Hotel

Some of hotels in Doha are specifically designed to install barcode in guest rooms. According to Aljazeera the barcode is intended as a default to introduce islam which is displayed in many language.

“The barcode directs you to the Qatar Ministry of Waqf and Islamic affair page. It’s first display presents a choice of languages that users can choose from, then the display will lead to an introduction to Islam’s profile” wrote Aljazeera, quoted on Wednesday (23/11/2022).

  • Beer and LGBT+ are banned

Drinking beer is illegal in Qatar which is in line with Islamic rules. As the host, Qatar prohibits the action of drinking alcohol in all Qatar world cup stadiums. However, FIFA has lobby specifically for the World Cup 2022 committee to accommodate supporters who come from the countries such as Europe and Latin America.

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