CARDINA the exotic leather specialist company was founded and established in Jakarta, is one of the largest exotic skin tannery in Indonesia. With more than 30 years experiences, Cardina became a high quality manufacturer of fashion leather goods, expanding the business in worldwide and doing partnership with some of the most prestigious brands and designers in the world


The second generation of CARDINA finally decided to create a subsidiary company, Starting with collaboration with his wife, Rifky (the son of CARDINA Company owner) and Shahira (KYRA’s designer, entrepreuner, and also Rifky’s wife) created KYRA as an International fashion exotic brands that integrated exclusive, luxury with simple-elegant design in the new fresh look and high quality leather.


KYRA growth and having 6 stores in Indonesia (Class A+ Mall) such as Grand Indonesia, Pacific Place, Senayan City, Lotte Shopping Avenue, and exporting the bags into Asia Market such as Korea, Japan, Thailand and even United States


Launched “My Dream Universe” Collection on Indonesia Fashion Week, KYRA more became famous by launched new fresh colour and new design like Adriana, Valerie, Rubby with a touch of simple elegant combining with luxury at once. KYRA was the only one brand in Indonesia that have a strong characteristic design and colour in exotic leather


KYRA is having brand ambassador all over Middle East Country and work together with few partner in Middle East country such as Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi. KYRA launched a ‘Romartisicm’ Collection Private Launch in Indonesia and inviting all VIP Customers and all partners which came from over the world


The Designer, Shahira Habsy taking an advance study in Arsutoria Milan. With a new touch, new design, and new ideas make KYRA’s brand Identity become more stronger together with new experiences. Her study subject is about how to make a perfect product with a fresh contemporary ideas, estethically and yet functional at the same time.

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