Exclusive Luxury Handbag Brand

Exclusive Luxury Handbag Brand

Exclusive Luxury Handbag BrandKYRA is one of the exclusive luxury handbag brand on south east asia, Indonesia who are go internationally. We sell every inch of our bag on UAE, USA, Europe & Asia.

What’s make our bag are so special for our audience? We always make its bag exclusive for one of any bags, and as a luxury handbag brand we want to provide the best quality handbag for you with providing and presenting exotic leather handbag for handbag brand owner who always waiting for our collection.

What the point of you buy KYRA Bags and made its different than any other fashion luxury handbag brand?

1.KYRA Made Exotic Leather

Using an exotic leather skin for now are really rare, We know there’s a lot of luxury handbag item brand are still using a synthetic & cow leather as their main materials to build and crafting the bags. KYRA is one of the fashion luxury handbag brand that use exotic leather skin for the materials and makes it unique than the any other brands.

2.You can find KYRA anywhere on UAE

Works with many of retails store, We want to make sure that our item are handed on the retail store so for you who dont like to wait for a few days to this handbag craft you can still buy our available stock item on retail store.

3.Our price are competitive

Many of fashion luxury handbag brand are really on high pricing but are the same with the any other brands, On KYRA we highly recommend you to buy one of our item to try yourself our luxury handbag brand are really good quality who can accompaniment you with your daily style and match all your outfit.

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