8 Interesting Fact in Qatar World Cup 20222

8 Interesting Fact in Qatar World Cup 20222

8 Interesting Fact in Qatar World Cup 20222

8 Interesting Fact in Qatar World Cup 20222

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Hi people! World Cup 2022 are already started, this is the first time that World Cup are held in Middle East. Specifically in Qatar, have you know there is a few interesting fact on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ? Here is some information we got that you should to know :

  • The First World Cup held in Winter season

World Cup event on previous year are held in May, June, or July. But on this year, the tournament are held in November and December. It is purposes to avoid the scorching summer heat in Qatar. As we know, on summer at Middle East are very hot, even the people of Qatar themselves are often travel out of town in the summer to avoid scorching heat in Qatar.

  • The First World Cup in Arab World

This tournament is also the second World Cup to be Held entirely in Asia, after the 2002 World Cup in South Korean and Japan

  • The World Cup that has stadium close to each other

Qatar is a small country. Moving from one stadium to another is not a big problem because of the very small size of country. Host cities such as Doha, Lusail, Al Wakrah, and Al Rayyan are located nearby. This keeps all of the stadium use for World Cup close together so the team and fans don’t have to fly between games like in other tournaments.

  • The First World Cup Stadium that can be disassembled

The stadium used in World Cup Qatar was built from 974 shipping containers. Later these containers will be dismantled after the tournament and converted into a new waterfront development.

  • Most Small host country

With population of 2,985 million (as of September 2022) and land area of 11,571 square meters, Qatar is the smallest host country ever.

  • The First female referee in World Cup

Football is identified with the world of men. However in 2022 Qatar World Cup, there will be 3 female referee lead the match, namely Yamashita Yoshimi, Salima Mukansangan, and Stephanie Frappart.

  • Unique Logo

The Qatar 2022 World Cup logo has the shape of 2 circles that resemble the number 8. This year World Cup mascot is named La’eeb which taken from the Arabic word for “Very talented player”. The number 8 describes the 8 stadium that will be used in World Cup 2022. Meanwhile, indentation dives from the top circle to the bottom, depicting the waves of desert dunes that make up the landscape of the bay country. In addition, the logo at the form of number 8 has unlimited line as infinity symbol. This illustrates the World Cup 2022 which is expected to be enjoyed by all levels of society around the world.

  • The World Cup ball are special made from Indonesia

The Al Rihla is official ball of Qatar 2022 and it’s the specially design for World Cup 2022 and reported as the fastest ball in the air. We as Indonesian people are proud that it’s the first time of Indonesia to create the ball that official for World Cup event.

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Things about FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Things about FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

The Stadium of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Have you prepared for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar? It’s scheduled to be 22nd running of the FIFA World Cup competition, and it’s the first to be hosted in the Middle East and the most geographically compact since the inaugural edition of the tournament in 1930. The FIFA World Cup 2022 is unique in many ways, with the types of opportunities  and challenges related to sustainabilty being no exception. And Have you ever know stadium that are use for FIFA World Cup in Qatar? Let’s check out !

1. Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium have capacity for 80.000 seat with the distance from Doha center is 16 KM. The stadium is designed to introduce Arab culture to the world inspired by the combination of light interactions and the shadow on the typical Arabian latern lamp, the current construction update is the Tribune are complete, the roof structure of the stadium has also completed. After this, the progress of the iron structure of the exterior of stadium has also completed, as well as the electrical and piping mechanism work has been completed before the event begins.

2. Stadium 974 (formerly known as Ras Abu Aboud)

Located in the city of Doha,this venue was specially built for Qatar 2022 Worldcup. Something distinctive and unique is that its structure is made from recycled transport containers. In addition, it is the first detachable stadium. It has a capacity for 40 thousand people and will be the venue for six matchs of the group stage and one in the round of 16.

3. Estadio Education City Stadium

Estadio Education Stadium is located in the city of Ar-Rayyan, has a capacity of 40.000 seat and was opened at the end of 2020, the stadium has now ready to use. The stadium is designed by Rambol and has a distance from the center of Johor City around 22KM. It has a facade or exterior with a pattern that represent Qatar, namely in form of natural life and desert landscape.

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