Have you ever curious about the Luxury Handbag Brand from Indonesia ? What kind of handbags that are you searching for? If you willing to buy a handbag when you are in Indonesia, we have a good solutions for you! A Luxury Handbag Brand from Indonesia that will impressed you all over the night.

As you know Indonesia has 2 million and half peoples with a lot of culture, sub language, and cities. But Indonesia also has a creative people that admit from all over the world. With it’s natural wealth, born the products of fashion, F&B, energy, and etc what we want to say that the people of Indonesia created the masterpiece from the resource they have.

One of the masterpiece brand that comes from Indonesia is KYRA, the handbag designer brand comes from Indonesia with a lot of collection and creativity that comes from young people in Indonesia. KYRA is handbag designer brand based on precious leather material such as python, lizard, croco, and ostrich. KYRA created by Rifky and Shahira in 2012, and was the second generation from CARDINA, one of the largest Indonesia tannery since 1985.

KYRA’s Journey

Find Luxury Handbag Brand from Indonesia

Find Luxury Handbag Brand from Indonesia


KYRA was born in 2012, the first store KYRA boutique at Rifky’s and Shahira’s House. A lot of customer from Korea, Japan, US, Rusia comes to Warehouse and choose the bags that they want. Later than, in 2015 KYRA first store in Indonesia is at Lotte Shopping Avenue, the Grade A mall located in South Jakarta at the center of city and office building.

Now in 2022, KYRA has 4 point of sales in Jakarta, mostly spread in Grade A mall such as Grand Indonesia, Pacific Place, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Plaza Senayan. If you are in Jakarta, Indonesia you can visit KYRA‘s store at Central (Departement Store) – Grand Indonesia, Galeries Lafayette (Dept Store) – Pacific Place, Lotte Shopping Avenue – Handbags Area, Metro (Department Store) – Plaza Senayan. Most of the stockist are in Jakarta Selatan region in the center of city.

If you come to visit our store above, we will very glad to see you! If you want to contact our representative sale in Jakarta you can click this LINK HERE, or if you want to buy from our website you can click LINK HERE, or if you want to see the catalogue on instagram you can click LINK HERE. We are pleased to meet you!


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