Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have from Indonesia

Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have

My Dream Universe Collection

As a handbag lovers, usually you dream high end bag brand such Gucci, LV, Dior, and etc. But if you research deeply about Luxury Handbag Brand that exist in the world, there are so many great brand quality, services, branding, and also such durability. Do you ever know KYRA the Luxury Handbag Brand from Indonesia that based on precious leather such python, lizard, croco, and ostrich. And also they have an aesthetic design, variety color, and unique style.

KYRA were established since 2012 from selling the products in the home and made to be showroom. The owner is a Husband and Wife named Rifky and Shahira, they start the journey from they’re home which the customers from Korea, Japan, Russia are coming to see the collection. KYRA is second generation from Rifky’s father that have a leather company named CARDINA that established since 1985, study the leather and bag making from his father, Rifky work together with Shahira to create KYRA. Shahira was studied in Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia and take the handbag designer class, they launched collection twice in every year, Participate in prestigious fashion event Jakarta Fashion Week and make collaboration with another senior Indonesia designer.

KYRA Growth in 2014

Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have

KYRA in Galerie Lafayette, Pacific Place

In 2014 KYRA has Growth and has 6 stores in Grade A+ mall in Indonesia such as SEIBU – Grand Indonesia, Galeries Lafayette- Pacific Place, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Fashion Link – Senayan City. KYRA start to be aware from Indonesia customers but still the International customers of KYRA are always following the KYRA’s product and Collection. The Pictures above is KYRA in Galeries Lafayette, The High End Department store from France that availabel in Pacific Place Indonesia mall Grade A+

KYRA in Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have

Rifky In the Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 Stage when KYRA Show

Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have

Agatha in Fuschia Style

Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have

Luna Ostrich In Burgundy

Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have

Romarticism Collection in Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

Luxury Handbag Brand That You Should Have

Lora in Hologram









In 2018 KYRA Participate in Jakarta Fashion Week and featuring with another designer, as Luxury Handbag Brand Designer KYRA believe that if you do work hard even you are dufferent from other people, you will can be still in the sky above another. That means even KYRA has a material based from precious leather KYRA still can be more success that common leather brand, because there is a lot of variable that what can make you success.

So if you want to know more KYRA you can visit our website in , our instagram here, or maybe if you want to directly chat with our representative you can chat us by Whatsapp by click here . We are very glad to greet you!

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